Employer Trip Reduction (ETR) Program

The NCTCOG Employer Trip Reduction (ETR) Program is a free educational program developed to reduce employee commute trips by marketing Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies like carpooling, vanpooling, transit, telecommuting, flexible work-hour programs, biking, and walking. We want to assist employers in developing and implementing a company specific Employer Trip Reduction (ETR) Program.

From carpooling to vanpooling, telecommuting, and more, at least one of the available options in our region is bound to work for your company. Kick-start a campaign for alternative commute programs by becoming an employer administrator on TryParkingIt.com. Get employees involved and take advantage of the following features:

  • Custom portal viewed by company employees only
  • Custom portal text, logo, and layout editing rights for employer administrators
  • Incorporate employer incentives
  • Track employees’ commute habits, financial savings, and environmental savings

Employers can enjoy many benefits when partnering with us, including:

  • Reducing employee stress
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Decreased demand for parking
  • Tax benefits
  • Try Parking It generated employer financial and environmental savings reports
  • Recognition on social media, in newsletters, commuter awards, and other publications
  • Commuter Challenges for company rewards
  • NCTCOG staff availability to assist employers in everything from identifying which alternatives work best for employees, to implementing a successful ETR Program
  • Rewards are incorporated into the Try Parking Website; employers may market rewards internally to employees
  • As mentioned above, employers may incorporate their own incentives. Note: These rewards will be viewed and obtained my company employees only.

We have free Employer Trip Reduction Resource Manuals available for your employer. The manual outlines the available commute alternatives in North Texas, highlights beneficial NCTCOG programs, presents regional transit agency resources, and more. In addition to the manual, we have program implementation guides available for any alternative commute(s) your company may be interested in. NCTCOG TDM staff is also available for the following:

  • “Lunch & Learns”
  • Employee Info Sessions
  • Webinars/Web Tutorials
  • Providing free available marketing material
  • Providing surveys, documents, and or forms for program implementation
  • Try Parking It website assistance
  • Meetings with HR and Management
  • Program coordination with employer designated Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs)
  • Event Attendance

To learn more and to begin a partnership today, please contact TryParkingIt@nctcog.org