About Rewards

Rewarding Our Users

Try Parking It features an Integrated Reward System for active participants. The more you utilize and log alternative commutes, then the more opportunities you will have to earn points to use towards prizes and giveaways. When logging into your account and viewing the “Incentives” page, you will notice three types of rewards options: Contest, Purchase, and Milestone.

Contests: Users may submit a specified amount of points for a chance to win the listed contest prize. Enter as many times as allowed with the points available and required. For example, if a listed contest allows 3 entries and requires 5 points per entry, if you have a 15 available points, then you may enter a total of 3 times.

Purchase Rewards: Users may use their earned points as currency to buy prizes.

Milestone Rewards: Users will gain these awards automatically after logging a number of specific types of commute trips and overall commute trips. Only one milestone will be rewarded during the outlined time period.

Each listed reward (regardless of category) will require a certain amount of points to be submitted in order for you to gain the items and or discounts. Once submitting points for contests and purchase rewards, they will be automatically deducted from your account. The maximum amount of points that you can earn per day is 5, so you are encouraged to remain consistently active to take advantage of the incentives offered. Please also note that each reward tab will outline what commute types and modes (along with other website activities) offer redeemable points.

If you are the winner of a contest, have reached a milestone, or “purchased” a prize, please expect to receive non-web based prizes by mail within one month.

Breakdown of Points (5 points maximum daily)

  • 1 point per alternative commute each way (2 points total for traveling to and from a destination).
    • Including: Biking, Carpooling, Vanpooling, Walking, and Transit
    • 2 points Compressed Work Weeks
    • 2 points for Telecommuting
  • 1 point for Brown Bag Lunches
  • 2 points for User Site Activities (i.e. sharing activity on social media, creating an account)

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