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Exciting Changes Coming to

Be on the look-out for major changes coming to the Try Parking It website on August 1st. In preparation for these changes, the qualifying period to track your July commute activity, enter contests and purchase rewards has been modified as follows:

  • Qualifying Period: July 1st - July 19th
  • Entry Deadline: July 22nd
  • Required points for both July Contest and Purchase Rewards: 5

Stay tuned for more exciting Try Parking It news!


Try Parking It is a ride-match and trip-logging program available for commuters in North Central Texas. You can locate carpool and vanpool matches, along with transit, biking, and walking buddy matches. Your active participation will not only aid in improving our air quality and decreasing traffic congestion, but it will allow you to earn points to use towards rewards. The more active you are, the more prizes you can redeem. Take a chance on an alternative trip, you won’t be disappointed.


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