Try Parking It Bike Everywhere Challenge May 1 to May 31, 2018

Try Parking It 2018 Bike Everywhere Challenge

May 1 – 31, 2018

Ride It. Record It. Reward It

Celebrate National Bike Month by participating in the Try Parking It 2018 Bike Everywhere Challenge being hosted by and the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The Challenge is open to all residents in North Central Texas.

Try Parking It 2018 Bike Challenge Categories:

  • Most Bike Trips Taken (3 winners)
  • Most Bike Miles Traveled (3 winners)


  • 1st Place Prizes - $125 Amazon E-gift Card
  • 2nd Place Prizes - $100 Amazon E-gift Card.
  • 3rd Place Prizes - $75 Amazon E-gift Card
Participant NameTripsDistance
GHG Saved
Matthew M.661608,502147
John H.651226,461112
Jesus V.601558,235142
Emmanuel M.561246,580113
Jeff K.56613,19255
Suzi T.44854,50278
Ricardo B.40361,92033
Andrew W.321678,880153
Jennifer S.301819,616167
Mark D.301105,850101
Evelia Z.25502,66446
Jessica S.12311,65929
Lucy T.452645
Amber R.31691
Stephanie C.21476813
Kumi V.2105209
Vince N. 294949
Dom V.231723
My Organization
Download the registration instructions here: TPI Bike Challenge Signup Guide 2018 PDF icon