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I-30 Insider Challenge Oct 1 to Apr 28, 2017

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How to enter the I30 Insider Challenge
Participant NameDistance
Fuel Saved
GHG Saved
Keith B.84,770458397,9323,51469,070
Basil 11,08155588,51151810,185
Fred G.9,42041361,5661833,597
John N.6,44157618,4321803,544
Ralph Z.4,6421662174,266
Stacie W.4,4242012,6002074,068
Elizabeth H.4,3231672,2202023,972
Felicia E.4,0882661913,757
Susan W.3,8301181072,101
Jerry P.2,51712040789
Marisa L.2,35686741,451
Janel H.2,3533240787
Janet Mc.2,1611541011,976
Amber R.2,11092981,925
Sandy B.2,043130961,877
Mike M.1,806276213,001851,662
Alondra E.1,2757243847
Mary C.1,1681175,691551,072
David M.1,1165637730
Bailey M.1,0655243843
Tom Jones7912232624
Albert A.7742635680
LaShonna S.7313017336
Sherry D.6712017343
Sherry D.6712017343
Gabriel O.4302714,03418362
Amber K.4291915301
Heather H.346499178
Anna M.307231,7089179
Ashley F.292118157
Priscilla B.23534592
Kevin K.222139171
Allix P.17696114
Juan C.14214592
Amber C.10785,668598
Catherine B.10546596
Patricia L.10116593
Rory G.926485
Reginald H.604240
Chris M.514116
Suzy G.476188121
Riley G.35131,585232
Jill L.311119
Jill L.311119
Anil D.252117
Whitney V.111110
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I30 Insider Challenge Rewards
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